Geospatial capabilities for Security, Humanitarian Assistance, Partner Engagement

GeoSHAPE gives organizations the ability to create, share, and visualize information through dynamic, collaborative maps

The outcome is improved situational awareness, and fact-based decision-making enabling a wide gamut of operations

GeoSHAPE – Geospatial capabilities for Security, Humanitarian Assistance, Partner Engagement – is designed to enable collaboration on geospatial information between mission partners in connected and disconnected operations. GeoSHAPE has been built utilizing open source software and open standards to make it available for partners and to maximize interoperability. GeoSHAPE is the integration of a geospatial portal (GeoNode), a web mapping client (MapLoom), and a mobile application (Arbiter), that leverages the infrastructure provided by a geospatial server and database components. GeoSHAPE is the outcome of the Rapid Open Geospatial User-Driven Enterprise (ROGUE) Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD).

Key Features

GeoSHAPE How To Videos (YouTube channel)

Leveraging Open Source Technology

GeoSHAPE leverages open source software and is built using GeoServer, GeoNode, MapLoom, PostGIS, OpenLayers3, and other components. In addition, GeoSHAPE has been a driver in the development of GeoGit - which provides distributed versioned editing for geographic data. These are the core software projects that form the foundation for GeoSHAPE:

In order to take full advantage of GeoGit, the GeoSHAPE development team has created Arbiter for mobile editing and MapLoom for web-based editing. Both of these projects are open source as well. We've also augmented GeoNode so that it works with GeoGit.

How To Get GeoSHAPE

All of the components used for GeoSHAPE are open source and available for free on the internet. We have developed a build process to create virtual machines. Please see the following documentation for more information on what the minimum requirments are, some general concepts, components used, how to setup GeoSHAPE, and ihow to administer it. Please feel free to add comments to the document to help us improve it.

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GeoSHAPE is maintained by Prominent Edge and Boundless Spatial as an open source community effort.

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